Why Hire Us?

  • Meticulous Planning

    We take the time to work out a precise scope for your project to make sure your the job is a success.

  • Completion On Time

    Time is of the essence, and you can be sure we make every minute count on the clock. We hold ourselves to a strict schedule.

  • Perfect Execution

    Because of our excellent preparation, we are able to execute our jobs flawlessly. We practice how we play, and we want to add value to every client project.

  • Competetive Prices

    Our prices always mirror the quality work that we do. We want the best for our customers, and you can be sure the finished product will reflect the value.


Our Services

Meeting all of you're masonry work needs

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    Stone Masonry

    Stonemasonry is the craft of shaping rough pieces of rock into stone, then piecing these stones together with mortar (sometimes without mortar) to form structures. We handle a vast array of natural stone related jobs. Whether you need a stone walkway, retaining wall, fireplace ... you name it, we can build it! 

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    Historical Masonry Restoration

    Have an an old building or structure that has historical significance and is falling apart? We are here to put the pieces of history back together. 

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    Brick Masonry

    Brick masonry refers to stacking bricks on top of one another with mortar in between to create an incredibly stable and strong foundation. We handle a vast array of brick related jobs, residential and commercial. Whether you need a home, retaining wall, fireplace ... you name it, we can build it!

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    Masonry Structural Repair

    Structural masonry refers to using brick or stone, in such mass that a structure becomes self-supporting. Sometimes a building or structure has problems staying upright, and we are here to help make it stand straight again. 

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    Pointing is the technique of repairing mortar joints between bricks or stones. When aging mortar joints crack and disintegrate, the defective mortar is removed by hand or power tool and replaced with fresh mortar. We can handle pointing of any masonry structure whether it be stone or brick.

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    Masonry Consultation

    There are some difficult problems regarding stonemasonry and it takes time to solve them. Here at Arcanum Stoneworks, we have the knowledge to assist in solving these problems and we offer free on-site estimates before starting your project

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